A: Absolutely. It’s been tested in various makes and models. For vehicles with less than 300 HP, however, it may take more time. The reason being is that the oil pressure is not as high compared to other vehicles. It’s due to the starting PSI of the oil that travels through the engine.


A: It’s simple: it’s the only oil active in the market that improves both horsepower and torque of all makes and models as well as reducing engine emissions and increasing fuel economy. In other words, a much smoother ride.


A: We recommend applying the solution at least every other oil change to better experience its full benefits. Other than that, anytime.


A: Not necessarily. Our product’s only task is to increase the factory performance of your vehicle by reducing the normal drag of the engine.


A: Through testing and retesting, Runwell came to the conclusion that the 30 ml dosage is adequate. More isn’t always better. However, over-application, accidentally or not, will not negatively affect the engine whatsoever.


A: Then further investigation is a must. There’s a possibility of a) a vacuum leak in the motor or b) not sufficient oil pressure that presents reduction of the RPM’s. It properly functions throughout as it travels through the motor at the nano level, smoothing the metal surfaces.


A: Of course. Not only have we properly experimented and improved on it through testing BUT we also attained 3rd Party documentation that provides data of 1) reduction in fuel savings, 2) fuel economy improvement, 3) reduction of CO2 emissions, and 4) a 1.3% average improvement of HC (hydro carbons). Ultimately, reducing carbon footprint.

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